Shri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple

After COVID-19(Corona Virus) outbreak and nationwide lockdown Temple is open for Darshan/Pooja for all the devotees on all days (Even on full moon day i.e. Pournima also) across without any restrictions of states/Age-groups by guidelines provided by Govt of Karnataka/India

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Magha Uutsav 2021

Train Timings at Ganagapur / Ganagapura

Ganagapur temple is well connected from Indian Railways and have frequent trains from all major metro cities from Southern part of India. Ganagapur Road (GUR) and Gulbarga (GR) are the nearest railway stations to reach Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple.

If you are travelling by train you can get down at below stations as per your convenience:

  • Gulbarga {Railway Station code GULBARGA (GR)}:
    Gulbarga is a district place just 40 KM's away from Ganagapur, you can take bus or private vehicle to reach Ganagapur. If you didn't get direct bus, then can get frequent buses to Chowdapur and can get Autos from Chowdapur to Ganagapur which is just 7 KM's.
    Duration:It may take maximum of 60 mins to reach Deval Ganagapur from Gulbarga.

  • Station Ganagapur {Railway Station code GANAGAPUR ROAD (GUR)}:
    Station Ganagapur is nearest railway station for Deval Ganagapur just 22 KM's away. If you get down here Autos and buses are available to reach Deval Ganagapur.
    Duration:It may take maximum of 40 mins to reach from Station Ganagapur.

PS: The Train no's which are indicated by '*' have stops at Ganagapur road stations. In the time table timings are taken from IRCTC official website and these may change without prior notice. Please check before your journey starts to be on safer side.

All the above timings are mentioned for Gulbarga stations, for the trains which are having stops at Ganagapur Road will be early or delayed by 20 mins more or less.