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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How to reach Ganagapur ? And Where its located?
Ans: Ganagapur is located in Kalaburagi District formerly known as Gulbarga in Northern state of Karnataka. Ganagapur is well connected by different means of transport Road/Rail/Air from different parts of India. Please check below link how to reach Ganagpur....

2.   Which is the nearest Rail/Airport to Ganagapur?

Ans:  Kalaburagi Airport (GBI) is the nearest domestic Airport at 55KM away from temple which have connectivity to Bangalore/Hubli/Delhi/Mumbai via flights and Hyderabad(HYD) is the nearest International Airport. When it comes to Railway Transport Kalaburagi (KLBG) and Ganagapur road(GUR) are the nearest railway stations which are 40& 22 KM away from temple.

3.   Whats best time to visit Ganagapur ?

Ans: The first answer to raise is try to visit temple on weekdays rather than weekends, Full moon days/Holidays/Festivals. We believe everyone gets off or holiday on weekends/Holidays which arise huge crowd gathering in and around Ganagapur temple which makes all arrangements difficult and even temple seva.


Weekdays Temple will be empty and there won’t be huge public gathering so all Darshan/Pooja will be carried out smoothly with devotees 100% peaceful and satisfaction of their visit that we can assure you.


Don’t make mess for yourself and others also by visiting temple at very peak time of 11.30-12.30PM when temple is over-crowded for Arathi and Bhiksha which will make everyone difficulty to keep one step ahead in temple.


Since Ganagapur (Kalaburagi District) located in Northern part of Karnataka state which almost has like summer like weather in all seasons. In summer it will be very much humid and hot condition. In rainy Ganagapur doesn’t come under heavy rainy place so any floods kind of situation arise, but yes if any water storage place leave water to river may get plenty of water to river but that doesn’t affect visiting temple at all, and in winter season its decent cold place to stay in. So you can plan for visit all time but June-February will be ideal time in respect with climate. (You will get nice/decent stay place with Air Conditioned rooms, Guest houses to stay in for your comfortable stay)

4.   Usually what are the temple’s regular timings?

Ans: Temple regularly opens at 2.30-3 AM early in the morning every day and darshan will be continued till 9PM and Pooja/Abhsiesh/Seva from 7AM to 2PM and Pallakhi Seva from 7.30PM-8.30PM on all 365 days except few occasional days such as festivals, samsthan rituals etc.

5.   Do we need to visit temple only on Pournima/Pournami/Full moon day?

Ans: A Big No, there is no any particular place where its written or mentioned that temple needs to be visited only on full moon day not on other day or its having importance on visiting full moon day. But yes visiting Thursday is treated as Auspicious as its God Dattatreya’s Day. It’s all Astrologer belief/or saying to visit temple on full moon day which made a lot of public gathering on that day. Many devotees got blessed by god by visiting in normal days also, its kind request to plan other than full moon day to ease for everyone as a visitor and as a service provider too....

6.   What are main places that needs to be visited in Ganagapur ? Can it be covered in one day?

Ans: Below are the temples that need to be visited while your visit in Ganagapur to get complete Ganagapur Yatra phala, and one completed day is enough to cover all places along with participating seva in temple like Rudrabhishek, Paduka Darshan, Pooja, Annadan, Evening Pallakhi Seva etc.

a.     Sangam Devasthan – Bhakti Sthan

b.     Nirgun Math (Paduka Temple)- Karma Sthaan

c.      Kalleshwar Temple- Mukti Sthan

All above temple darshan is must in your Ganagapur visit and few other places will be completed such as Sangameshwar Temple, Audumbar Tree, Ash Hill, Shaneshwar temple, etc.

7.   Any stay facility or rooms available from temple trust side for stay as Bhakta Nivaas?

Ans: In Gangapur temple rooms are available in dormatry types such as Common rooms with common wash rooms under named as Tapadiya DharmaShala, Waddepalli Dharmashala with less hygiene or cleanliness. There are new decent lodges which came up with A/c or Non A/c and luxurious rooms also which can be booked in advance before your visit for a comfortable stay.  Please contact us on 9496456789 to books rooms/homestay etc.

8.   Is there any Darshan/Pooja pre-booking required?

Ans: As of now there is no pre permission or ticket that needs to be raised for Darshan, but yes if you are looking to perform any kind of rituals/Poojas/Abhishek/Seva you may need to contact us in advance for better arrangements.

9.   Online Darshan/Pooja available?

Ans: No, as of now temple is not telecasting any live darshan, but for online poojas you can check below link so the sevas can be performed on your behalf in your name and Prasad also sent to your provided Indian address also.


For every day Darshan you can check below page:


For Every day Palakhi Seva or Utsav videos can check below Youtube Channel:


10.  Any Food will be provided as a part of afternoon meals or Mahaprasad at temple?

Ans: Since Ganagapur is known famous place for Asking Bhiksha (Begging Bhiksha) at 12 PM and eventually God himself will come to Ganagapur to seek Bhiksha so offering alms is important process at Ganagapur. It’s a vital seva to give food to 5 people and asking food as a bhiksha at 5 houses or people is important process. So from temple authority there is no meals kind of facility exists. But yes there are few private places where they provide free meals from which devotees can get which are nearby bus stand.

11. How long it will take complete Darshan/Pooja at Nirgun Math (Temple)?

Ans: In normal day (Week days apart from holidays/weekends) it will take maximum of 30 Mins-1 Hour to get darshan in Dharma-Darshan Que. But when it comes to Full-Moon day/Consecutive holidays/Amavasya/Thursday/Weekends it may take 2-5 hours to get darshan.

12. How to plan for Ganagapur so I can cover entire stuffs at Ganagapur without missing anything leaving behind?

Ans: Best way is below one:

·       Try to reach Ganagapur by before 6PM max so you will get rooms easily without search if rooms not booked in advance.( Its advised to get rooms booked before your visit)


·       Once you check-in to your room/lodge get fresh and be ready to temple for Evening Pallakhi Seva(Gods Utsav Murthy Tocuh and Darshan/Blessing)/Darshan which is pleasant for view. Pallakhi time(7.30PM-8.30PM)  If you opt or enrol for the Palakhi Seva you can touch the Gods Evening Utsav Murthy which will be kept in Pallakhi and you can sleep on the floor while Pallakhi will take 3 Pradkshina to temple and Pallakhi will go above your complete body ( It Means whatever issues are there in body and soul will get solution from God Specially Health illness issues will get resolved. The above will called as Lotangan Seva) If there is huge crowd where all devotees cannot be fulfilled then only 3 rounds will take place and Lotangan seva will be cancelled.


·       Get up early in morning around 6-6.30AM and you can jump into Sangam for holy bath of Bheema-Amarja. (If not can get bath in lodge and visit sangam for teertha sprinkling of river water) and reach Nirgun Math Main temple for Pooja/Darshan by 8 AM where crowd will be very mimimal to minimum so your darshan and Poojas can get complete peacefully ( Will take max 1-2 Hour for entire Pooja/Darshan )


·       You will have free buffer time from 9.30AM-11.30AM in that time you can finish another temple called Kalleshwar temple and back to main Nirgun Math by 11.30 as Arathi and Bhiksha asking will start after 12 PM.


·       Soon after you hear the sound of drum beating start in temple, it means Arathi has been started in temple and devotees can distribute and ask bhiksha in nearby temple places.


·       Once seeking Bhiksha and giving bhiksha is completed can gather in temple as Arathi which is running inside the temple will come outside of Garbha Devasthan to distribute in temple to all devotees and gathered people.


·       After taking Arathi you can eat/consume/have bhiksha Prasad with your meals and you are good to go back to your  place or to continue your remaining journey.


·       If you follow all above points it’s clear and i am sure you will have nice time in Ganagapur provided if you adhere to above timings.


·       We believe the above time table might suit for nearest place visitor from Ganagapur, people who are visiting from far  place such as Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, Vijaywada, Mumbai, Gujrat might need one more day to complete like above scenario.

13. We heard Ganagapur is famous all Black Magic problems issue resolving place?

Ans: Yes, People have a lot of belief that after visiting Ganagapur devotee will overcome from the problem of Evil Spirits/ Black Magic/Bhhot/Preeta/Pishacha Baadha / Karani / Bhanamati or bad deed done by others as a part of Irshya/Mathsara/Brotherhood ship/ Dispute or any other reason.

Since Ganagapur is Siddha Bhumi by holy his presence of Shri Nrusimha Sarswati in the form of Nirgun Paduka and swami will come to temple to ask Bhisksha at 12PM everyday so it’s observed that everyone will get gods real blessings if they participate or be in temple by 12PM Arathi/Bhiksha time while drum beating i.e. Choughada will start.

Guru Charitra Chapter no 20 and 23 clearly tells that how Guru has rescued his adobe followers or devotees by Evil Spirits and Bhasma Raksha which they were suffering from long time. Many of Gangapur followers, Devotees have witnessed that after visiting Ganagapur they got relief from such evil spirits or any other black magic issues mentioned above. For some of long disease or problems it may be needed that devotees need to stay for long period of time by by doing every day Kakad Arathi at 2.30 then Every day Ashta Teertha Snan, Asking Bhiskha and attending all Arati of temple viz 6AM, 12PM, 8PM, continous Pradakhsina to temple and Audumbar tree at Sangam with great devotion and Bhakti. It will be difficult to say in how many days the issues will get resolved or clear but many devotees got cleared only in one visit to temple and Darshan and many after doing some Pooja/sevas etc.

Note: There is no particular person in Ganagapur exists who does remove the black magic/evil spirits from someones body or soul. It all happens with Guru Nrusimha Saraswati Maharajs sole wish when to recover the illed person not by a specific person who can tell definitely the answer for this and there is no any monetary charge to it also. If devotees can bear some monetary terms then they can do some pooja/seva if they wish to do or else with whole hearted devotion folding hands in front of God are enough to get his blessings.

For any clarification regarding above information/matter for any Pooja/Stay purpose get in touch with Main Priest Vallabh Dinkar Bhatt Pujari on 9496456789 for better arrangements.

                         सर्वे जनाः सुखिनो भवन्तु- Let God Dattatreya Bless all of us.